Workers Compensation 101: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Claim

Workers Compensation 101: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Claim

Generally, states in the US implement a law that offers protection to people who suffered an injury or health issue at work. So, if you break an ankle while lifting a heavy load in the warehouse or dislocated your shoulder after being involved in a traffic accident while driving your delivery truck, you may be entitled to receive workers compensation. However, there are times that you may not get the right amount that you deserve especially when you did something wrong in the claims process. To avoid this scenario, it is best to know the most common mistakes that you should avoid when filing it.


Workers Compensation

1. Not Reporting the Accident to Your Company

As required by law, you should report your claim to your employer in writing within 30 days from the date you are injured. On the other hand, your employer has the legal obligation to report it to the Health and Safety Executive. Click here Hale Injury Law

2. Not Seeking Immediate Medical Care

Sometimes, you may try to shake an injury off and refuse to get the necessary medical attention right away. By the time you make your claim weeks after, it will be regarded as suspicious, giving your employer an excuse to deny it. So, if you get in an accident while driving a limo for a client in Las Vegas and got minor injuries, for example, make sure you seek medical care as soon as possible. Of course, you should also seek the help of a limo accident attorney.

3. Ignoring to Discuss the Details with the Physician

If the fact that you have suffered a traffic injury does not reflect in your medical records, your claim may also be deemed suspicious. The absence of such information would give the insurer an excuse to deny your request.

4. Not Hiring a Lawyer

Your employer and its insurer may not treat you fairly. With their own team of legal professionals, they would try to take advantage of you and refuse to give you what you deserve. For this reason, you should also hire a lawyer who knows about specific areas of worker’s compensation law. Taking, for example, the limo accident, you should seek the advice of a lawyer for limo accident Las Vegas has before you sign any agreements. In the worst-case scenario, an attorney for wrongful death Las Vegas has will be needed if something untoward happens to you.

5. Understating or Exaggerating an Injury

Sometimes, you would hesitate to report an injury to your employer, fearing that you might receive harsh treatment afterward. Well, some employers do hold claims for workers compensation against employees for work evaluations. On the same note, you may try to exaggerate an injury to receive more than what you deserve. However, neither of these actions can do you good down the road. While underplaying an injury does not give you the full medical attention that you need, overplaying it will waste treatments that you do not really need.

These mistakes can delay the process of claiming workers compensation and receiving all the medical benefits that come with it. So, if you want to recover sooner from an injury, it is best to avoid them. Now, for a dedicated lawyer who can help you in this matter, visit