The pros and cons of living in a condominium

The pros and cons of living in a condominium

Are you planning to buy a condominium in Bangkok or any other modern city, but not sure whether you should opt for an independent house or a condominium? If yes, then you should know about the various benefits of staying in a condominium, post which decision making will be a fairly easier job for you.

The list of benefits is long

If you travel a lot and there is no one else in the family to look after the house in your absence, an event of burglary can happen if it is a house where you live in. Instead, if you live in a condominium in Bangkok or any other city, you would be getting security for your apartment. Most condominiums offer options of security men, locked main gates, around the clock surveillance cameras and many other security features, which would not be available if it is a single house.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. While your neighbors in a condominium may not be your very good friends, but at the time of an emergency, you can always seek their support, and they would be available at the blink of an eye. This is an added benefit for those who are aged and live alone.

Any condominium in Bangkok or any Asian city would be offering a good number of amenities that would not be available in a regular house or a multistoried apartment building. Swimming pools, libraries, fitness centers, jogging parks within the complex, tennis courts, etc. are some of the amenities that are simply out of reach of an average homeowner.

The best part of living in a condominium is that, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the building. Whether it is a leaking water pipe, or a faded wall that needs a layer of paint, you are not the person responsible for getting that fixed. Almost every condominium has a committee that appoints people who look after every maintenance need of the condo; be it cutting the lawn grass or fixing the roof.

Usually, the condominiums are priced less than single family houses. If you are not a millionaire who can shell out millions at the blink of the eye, going for a condo could be a cheaper option of buying a home. They offer luxury living to an individual at affordable rates, which makes them all the more favorite among first time home buyers.

Negatives too are there

There are certain drawbacks of living in a condominium as well. In a single family house, you always have the independence to do whatever you want. You do not need anyone’s permission for partying late or playing loud music in your home. However, if you are living in a condo, there are certain restrictions that would stop you from doing things as per your wish. Not everyone likes to live by the rules, and condos are not meant for them.

Also, there could be concerns with privacy in a condominium as your neighbors would be living just at the other side of the wall. You would always be surrounded with people who could prove to be disturbing and annoying at times.

If one can adjust with the little drawbacks, there is no alternative to living in a condo that provides luxurious stay at a really affordable pricing.