Issues to Discuss with Divorce Attorneys during a Divorce Process


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The process of divorce brings with it multiple complications that can prove quite difficult to handle without the help of a qualified top Nashville divorce attorney. There are alimony issues, child custody issues, emotional, and many other that may crop up during the process. It is important to understand how these issues can affect you and how to go about handling them.

Considering that every divorce is different, situations can become unpredictable. However, some standard issues may be similar including those highlighted next.

Children Related Issues

Some of the matters that you will probably need to discuss when it comes to issues of your children include but are not limited to:

•    Child support
•    Child custody (both legal and physical)
•    Visitation – non-custodial parent, stepchildren, and grandparents
•    Children’s Insurance – Dental, Health, insurance policies’ beneficiaries
•    Costs of uninsured health care
•    College education
•    Marital Home’s residence
•    Claiming of children as dependents – purposes of income tax
•    Upbringing of children religiously

If the primary issue of your divorce revolves around the children, it is advisable to get the help of a Nashville custody lawyer that will help you handle these matters. Going through them alone might be hectic, and considering that you are not conversant with the legal terms, it may cause more harm than good.

Property Issues

After staying together as a married couple for the period you have, there are some properties that you probably acquired together. Some of the alimony issues that may lead you to get legal help include:

•    Homestead equity
•    Home furnishings
•    Other property – real estate, personal,
•    Professional practices
•    Business assets
•    Retirement benefits – IRA’s, Pensions, and 401(k) plans
•    Professional degrees
•    Vehicles – Recreational, private motor vehicle
•    Savings accounts
•    Hidden assets
•    Debts
•    Stocks, funds, and bonds if any
•    Contributions as homemaker compensation

During divorce processes, children might be the ones facing severe financial problems. In such cases, a Nashville custody lawyer can also come in handy in handling property related issues that concern the children. Some even offer pro bono services if you are in no way capable of paying the services yet you are in dire need of them.

Support Issues for the Spouse

There is usually some support that the spouse is entitled to during a divorce. If you don’t have an attorney, getting information and direction on how to go about these issues can be difficult. Some of the issues concerned are:

•    How much support is the spouse entitled to?
•    How long is the entitlement to support supposed to take?
•    Are they entitled to a continued health care coverage?

Other issues to be handled during a divorce include:

•    Child abuse – if any, it is advisable to get in contact with top child custody attorneys in Nashville TN
•    Domestic Violence
•    Protection Order
•    Parental Kidnapping – this requires a good and experienced Nashville custody lawyer
•    Maiden Name Restoration
•    Non-financial support after divorce
•    Attorney’s expenses and fees

With all these issues, it is also important to carry along with you the documents that will be used in the divorce process which include:

•    Current Income proof
•    Business and Individual income tax returns – federal, local and state – for the past 3 to 5 years.
•    Spouse’s current income proof
•    Agreements – prenuptial, separation, etc.
•    Statements – Bank, Pension, Retirement Account, Property Tax, Credit Card, Benefit, and Completed Financial statements.
•    Stock – Portfolios, options
•    Mortgages
•    Documents – Loans, Utility Bills, and school tuition
•    Employment contracts
•    Insurance policies – Life, health, homeowner’s Automobile
•    Monthly budget
•    Appraisals – personal property, and real property
•    List of property – owned individually before marriage and acquired after marriage both individually or together
•    Wills
•    Powers of attorneys

The list of what is needed is quite extensive. However, if you get reliable Mt Juliet divorce attorneys, the process can be as smooth as you never imagined. For additional info, see Nashville Divorce Lawyer.

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