How to Deal With Auto Accidents Involving Minors


Posted by Maggie Dixon | Posted in Law | Posted on 14-07-2017

Personal injury is a broad field and minors are not left behind. It is possible that your toddler could get involved in a car accident or other types of personal injury. In that situation, you should know how to approach the case using the laws that your state provides to protect the rights of minors. For example, you might not have full knowledge of booster seat laws but you could consult a reliable personal injury lawyer to handle the case on your behalf.


booster seat laws


Personal injury among minors

Each state has its laws regarding the rights of a minor. As a regular citizen, you may not understand such laws until you find yourself in a situation in which you need their application. Travel safety laws in Oregon State require that infants ride in a rear-facing car safety seat until they are one year or older. In addition, a rear-facing car seat should never be placed on a front seat according to state laws. You might need to engage a reliable personal injury expert with knowledge of booster seat laws and any other laws that could help you file a claim or a lawsuit against the person or company at fault. See more at Injury Law Oregon


Personal injury cases in Portland, Oregon

In Portland, you could have a better and faster settlement of a personal injury case if you approach a reliable expert. Personal injury cases are tricky and require the intervention of different professionals to verify their validity. In a car crash accident in which you sustain serious injuries, you are required to present concrete evidence before you can get full compensation. The claims adjuster on the other side will have to review your medical report and police report to ensure that the injury was due to another person’s fault.


Fortunately, Todd Peterson Portland car accident attorney is one of the reliable experts you could approach to help you with such cases. If a minor is involved, you need help from someone with extensive knowledge of booster seat laws as well as ORS 20.080 demand Oregon State has to offer. If you would like to learn more about Todd Peterson and his services, try visiting


Reasons for involving an experienced personal injury lawyer

Interpretation of personal injury law: lawyers deal with similar cases on a regular basis, so they know how to handle various aspects of such cases. For example, an experienced lawyer could advise you to settle the case out of court if it is the best mode of solution. Similarly, he would urge you to file a lawsuit against the party at fault if that would be the best way to reach a settlement.

Faster and orderly settlement: where a legal expert is involved, the process would be more formal, with documents to support the verdict. This is different from doing it in an informal manner just between you and the person at fault.

Peace of mind: once you leave it in the hands of an expert, you could focus on the recovery process with a peace of mind. The lawyer will handle the case on your behalf and offer appropriate advice where necessary. Click here for more information



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