Plan Your Bohemian Inspired Outdoor Wedding With These Dessert Ideas


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With St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that came to an end recently, scones typically associated with British and Irish cuisine are reported to be a Scottish originality instead! If you are planning a laid back, outdoor spring wedding, complete with natural décor, fresh flowers, and wreaths in your bridesmaids’ hair, you may consider outdoor, weather friendly desserts for your guests like baking scones instead of the same boring red velvet or cheesecake.


The following article breaks down the ultimate bohemian wedding desserts of your dreams!


Ditch the Drama


The fact that you have chosen a beautiful and serene natural environment to tie the knot without the dramatic misgivings of urban culture means you will not have to compromise on the dessert menu either. Bring back the natural, rustic goodness like baking scones, which your mother or grandmother probably used to make at home when you were having a bad day. You can even request them for their mini loaf recipes and ask the wonderful bakers you hire for your wedding day to make similar desserts, which will further personalize your wedding and make it unforgettable.


Design Your Cake & Eat It Too


Let your originality outshine your budget with a cake that is truly as unique as your creative thought process. Wedding pavlova and meringue cakes have become uncommon due to the use of up-market bakery techniques that prefer icing and molds. By choosing a bakery that uses only the most scrumptiously natural ingredients, your beautifully rustic meringue based desserts decorated with edible flowers and fresh fruit will be a masterpiece when brought out for your guests during your reception.


Artistically Rustic


Rustic in 2017 does not mean boring or hard on the eye. It is a movement in fashion, style and global mindset that has toppled the previous flashy, nouveau riche, glittery weddings in magazines. Instead of sending guests home with baskets of products they may never use, you can ask the bakery designing your cake to also consider baking scones in various flavors, filled with jam or topped with soft clouds of crème fresh as a simple yet heartfelt thank you. Even the guests watching their waistline will thank you for it.


A Morning Wedding


In case you have planned a morning wedding, you can also consider setting out a table with scones. While wine and champagne are great, drinking on an empty stomach foretells disaster. Traditional scones are a great way to fill your wedding party’s stomach just enough to get them through the ceremonial vows, yet still have room for all the culinary goodies awaiting them under your beautiful outdoor tent in a field of wild flowers.


Stay Within Budget


By opting for an aesthetically pleasing, rustic wedding, you are not only able to declare your vows with your life-long partner in front of a larger guest list, you are also able to feed them with delightful produce and fresh desserts without having to worry about taking a loan to do so. A natural, stress-free environment will also keep nerves at bay, which are natural on the most important days of your life. Check out




You can start preparing for your wedding desserts well in advance and visit sites like Country Chef for recipes and ideas for your Big Day!


Selecting the perfect business function venues


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Are you looking for a venue for your next business event? It may sound easy but getting the perfect place takes work. Miranda Carter, a director of marketing, states that many marketing managers or event planners make the mistake of using RFP technologies. She says these are just directories which in spite of being effective in sending RFPs to many hotels may end up finding venues that are not the best fit. Well, it’s about time you find a much better way that will save you time and assure you of the perfect business function venues Yarra Valley provides. This article highlights the steps you need to take to achieve this.

business function venues yarra valley


Firstly, you will have to conduct a broad and detailed search for business function venues Yarra Valley has. The search will involve sending RFPs to between eight and ten hotels. Find out about their rates, minimums for food and breakfast and always get a clear yes or no answer when it comes to availability of meeting space and sleeping room. After getting the rates and available meeting rooms and sleeping areas, it is time to narrow down your search. Select the venues that are most suitable for you and continue with them.

Inform venues

After narrowing down to the function venues Yarra Valley provides, it’s time to contact and inform venues. As a sales manager or event planner be aggressive and inform the owners of the venues in your shortlist that they made it that far including the names of the other venues in completion with them. Further, as a sign of courtesy and good business manners, inform the venues that were not suitable for you that they were not picked. This also helps to reduce spamming. There is still more work to do as its time to put the chosen venues to work. Create a connection and have a dialogue with them. This will give you a platform to give them more information with regard to the plans for your business function. Inform them about what you require present and done during the event.

Narrow down

Well, we are back to narrowing down again. If you had five venues in your shortlist, it is time to cut down to the top three. The importance of narrowing down is that you are able to get the best deals out of the relationship you are creating with the particular venues. In addition, this reduced number in the shortlist gives morale to the remaining venues as each of them wants to beat the other and get to host the venue and as they say ‘may the best man win’. At this time you have all the information required to take a final decision. Remember this is a business, so choose Yarra Valley conference venues that best suit you and with a staff, you can work with well.

With a confidently made decision, you are well on your way to the perfect business function venues Yarra Valley provides. If you are looking for a party venue hire, visit

How to Choose the Right Sports Events Catering Company


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There are many caterers in the UK specifically in the Midlands, but how can you discover the right ones who are prepared to deliver the best service for golf tournaments, local high school sports competition or any other sporting events? A sporting event catering service can make your midlands, UK sporting events much more gratifying. However, these sporting events are rather of a dissimilar theme from your average weddings, corporate meetings, bar mitzvahs and other frequently catered for events, so it’s important to make sure that the company for your running event catering in the midlands is ready to meet your requirements. What you’re looking for is a running event catering provider who focuses not only in the allocation of large groups, but also in providing fresh and healthy food at outdoor venues for health buffs and athletes. In order to find the best sporting event catering service for your sports event, keep the following basic prerequisites in mind.

Food Choices

For sporting events, the food should be healthy, delicious and filling. After a whole day of physical activities under the heat of the sun, it would also be nice if your caterers can provide cool drinks and desserts. The food choices should also acknowledge those athletes that are health conscious and those people who are watching their figure. Also, the food must be filling to satisfy the hungry athlete’s stomach.

Outdoor Venue

The first thing to think through is the venue for your event. Most sporting events happen outdoors or in a setting where there is no right of entry to a full-service kitchen available, so the caterer for your midlands, UK sporting event should be responsible for mobile facilities. Sporting event caterers should have a portable food preparation area that contains all of the gear set up in a conventional kitchen—this way, they can serve the food in any setting. If your event needs equipment like canopies, tents, tables, and chairs, it is particularly useful if your sporting event catering providers can take care of it as well. Another thing to think about is whether you would like to have any other rental needs for your sporting event like live music or entertainment. Make sure to inquire with your event coordinator and prospective sports event catering company if they can assist with that as well. Read more at Good Spuds

Atmosphere of the Sports Event

It’s also imperative to reflect on what kind of atmosphere or mood will be expected in your sports event. Your reliable cycling event catering in the midlands should be able to cope up with any circumstances. Most sporting events are fun and spontaneous with a buffet style serving of the food choices that features the types of food you would find at a picnic or backyard party, like potatoes with healthy toppings, baked beans, coleslaw, hot dogs, barbeque chicken sandwiches, or burgers.

Also, not all catering companies will be able to make alcoholic beverages available to guests. If you would like to serve wine coolers or ice cold beer for your guests at the sporting event, make sure to ask the sporting event caterer if they can provide liquor catering as well. For more details please visit this site