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When you think of volunteering you may think of people picking up litter on the side of a highway, cleaning bathroom toilets, window washing, or even herding someone’s cattle across the plains but nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, modern day volunteer work such as being a volunteer overseas is clean, fun, safe, breath-taking and life-changing.

Whether you have taken an aptitude test which showed you are best suited for “helping people” or you have just known it all your life, being a volunteer overseas is becoming more popular as more and more people experience the wonder and amazement which comes from one of the most adventure-packed, heart-warming experiences you will ever have!

volunteer overseas

volunteer overseas

Involvement Volunteers Association has provided some of the best and top Volunteer Opportunities for over 25 years. When you visit you will see beautiful colored pictures and literally dozens of volunteer opportunities like Volunteer in Fiji.

The Fiji islands are some of the world’s best-kept secrets. In fact, wealthy people pay a lot of money just to see many of the awe-inspiring scenery that you will get to see for pennies on the dollar as a Volunteer in Fiji. You will sample everything from the magnificent ocean views with the most fascinating shades of blue hues any human has ever laid eye upon to the stunning florals and waterfalls naturally resident and arranged in this great wonder of the world.

The best part, however, is the Fijian people. Experiencing their culture, and most of all, their kindness and gratefulness for your invaluable gift of service, which costs you next to nothing, will be set in your heart for life!

Volunteering is a wonderful delight and the most rewarding thing any human can ever experience—and to think one can go for as little $200 for an entire month! Whether it be for just a couple precious weeks out of 52 we get each year, a month or even a year or two you will enjoy it like nothing you have ever done.

In fact, your health will thank you! That’s right. Here are just a few of the benefits: Volunteering increases Confidence, combats depression, and science shows it will keep you physically, emotionally and mentally healthy and fit. While others are paying doctors, nutritionists, counselors and health and fitness experts to keep them healthy (not to mention medical bills) you can achieve a lot of this by just simply…yes, a volunteer overseas opportunity.

 Involvement Volunteers Association has many opportunities from Medical, Teaching, Helping with Orphanages and in the Community in various ways and in varying levels and degrees just to name a few. Whether you are in a volunteer India program  helping at a hospital, a volunteer Cambodia program helping the IVI’s Tourist Office attract tourists to promote the tourist industry, or a kindergarten volunteer in Fiji you may find yourself wanting to do it each year, again and again. You will have stories to tell your family, your children and your grandchildren which will, in turn, help shape their character all because of your gift of volunteer service!

When you visit IVI site you will see all the opportunities that await you as a volunteer by “Country” or by “Type”. Your eyes will be instantly flooded with light, color and culture. You can easily view the various volunteer fees associated with the program you choose, the length of stay you desire and effortlessly apply online in just a few short minutes.

You’re not signing up to the army! Nothing is binding. You will receive notification about your application acceptance and what to do next if you would like to continue. It’s that easy! So what are you waiting for? Check out the IVI site right now and see what life changing events await you.