5 Frequent Construction Accidents To Watch Out For


Posted by moviedln | Posted in Law | Posted on 06-04-2017

Do you, or someone you know, work in construction sites? If yes, are you aware of the many hazards of this job? Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that four in every 100 construction workers get non-fatal injuries due to construction site accidents. Some accidents could even result to death.  Still, a lot of construction workers don’t seem to realize how dangerous the job is. Furthermore, they don’t know what to do in case accidents occur on site. Many don’t know that they may seek the help of a Personal Injury lawyer for construction accident cases.

Despite the hazards attributed to construction work, many still apply for this job because it is, after all, a good source of income. If you can’t help but be employed in a construction project, the best thing to do is to equip yourself with knowledge about frequent construction accidents, and hopefully take some precaution to avoid it:

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  1. Electrocution-related accidents – If you have contact with exposed wirings and power lines, you may suffer from shock or electrocution. Always be alert and avoid going near the center or areas of electrical systems. If you get electrocuted, seek help from colleagues to take you to a medical facility immediately. A good personal injury lawyer is the best person to contact to help you claim your medical benefits. Click here Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C
  2. Explosion-related accidents – Leaking gases and faulty electrical systems may cause explosions and fire in construction areas and could cause severe medical problems, even death, to workers. Follow safety procedures when reporting for work and while going around the construction site. Never smoke, or even attempt to light a cigarette while inside the workplace. A competent construction accident lawyer can be consulted when you try to claim medical benefits.
  3. Scaffolding-related accidents – Statistically, around 54% of construction site accidents are caused by falls from scaffolding resulting in death. Many employers do not give their construction workers safety precaution training, which places them at peril in the workplace. Ask help from a scaffold accident lawyer to help you settle matters legally. Check out this link: http://lawyer1.com/personal-injury-lawyer/ about scaffold accident lawyers.
  4.  Debris-related accidents – Debris falling from top of buildings that are currently being constructed can cause worker injuries. It’s best to always adhere to safety rules and procedure and report any colleague who violates the policies. If the current policy doesn’t seem to be enough, report this to the site operations manager so they can revise the policy as necessary. If the management has not done their part, consult authorities. A personal injury lawyer considered as authority in these matters might be able to help you.
  5.  Fatigue-related accidents – Fatigue caused by long working hours, humid to hot temperature, and other physical stress would eventually take its toll on you. Make sure to take breaks on time so you can rest, and drink lots of fluids to ensure that your body is always hydrated.

Construction work is hard and there are many hazards that come with the job but you can always take precautionary measures to avoid accidents. Any reliable personal injury attorney can help you claim medical benefits, so don’t hesitate to contact one if you need assistance. For personal injury legal assistance in New York, check out Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. They specialize in personal injury claims and seek to serve the needs of victims as well as the victims’ families. Remember, you are not alone in your quest for medical compensation and justice. You just need to know the proper persons to contact.